Weekend Recap: Assateague Island Camping

We planned an amazing adventure at Assateague Island National Seashore this last weekend.

What you may know about Assateague Island: 

Stunning beaches, wild horses, breathtaking sunrises, and beach-side camping.  We picked a walk-in tent site on the National Park side (dog friendly) and arrived Thursday evening just after sunset.  There was a bit of rain when we arrived but we made camp quickly and settled in.

What you may not know about Assateague Island:

Sand fleas.  Tiny (so tiny they fit through the screen of your tent), jumping, BITING insects that will torment your camping experience!

How to survive being a buffet to these devils:

We learned the hard way that these guys are most aggressive at dusk, particularly after a rainfall… Lucky us!  After a quick late-night brainstorm, my husband (Chad) and I packed up the kiddo and the dog and made a run for it:  first on the list was bug spray!

A new tent, two bottles of bug spray and an hour and a half later, Chad and I celebrated our success with a cold Firestone  Pivo (a new favorite brew) watching the storm roll out to sea.

TheSkinny: I’d love to hear your disaster-gone-right camping snippets!

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