Half-Wit Half Marathon Preparation

Pretzel City Sports is hosting the Half-Wit Half Marathon in Reading, Pennsylvania this weekend and you guessed it…I’m running.  I’m hoping all my trail running from the Superior Hiking Trail in Minnesota will transfer to whatever trail this is on.  Their website uses such descriptions as “trail running equivalent of a bad lip enhancement job” and “Pretzel City’s tuffest race; with bad footing, hot weather, uncaring volunteers and more ups and downs than clothing covering Miley Cyrus’s upper body” so it was basically a race created for me to try.

Who am I kidding… I’m just in it for the beer at the finish line!

I’ve done a handful or two of trail races in my running career and I have a list of goodies that should not be left behind on any of them…

#1 – a hydropack.  So so sooooo important on trail races because the aid stations (if any) are usually much more spaced out.  A trail run in August?  I’m going to melt and need to be able to replenish. A lot.  Because I sweat… A lot.

#2 – Heart Rate Monitor. NECESSARY.  If the Half-Wit is anything like the SHT, I need to know when my heart is working extra hard and when I’m slacking and can pick it up… Plus it’s fun to see how many calories you burn and how much beer you can drink to replenish those electrolytes!

#3 – Bug spray and sunscreen.  And more bug spray.

#4 – Nutrition.  Everyone differs on what they like, what they carry and what they crave when they run.  I ran the Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon last year and cheetos saved my life at mile 14.  Seriously.

#5 – Biodegradable Baby Wipes.  Let’s face it… they’re most likely not going to haul a portapotty into the woods so just know the best way to do your doo. They come in handy for a host of other things as well.

Other helpful items include Vaseline, spare socks, ibuprofen or aspirin, salt tabs and a lipstick battery charger for your phone.

My absolutely most important rule of any race… DO NOT TRY ANYTHING NEW ON RACE DAY!  Practice what you run and run what you practice…

Race day is Sunday so I’ll recap the entire thing on Monday… Stay tuned!

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