How do you spell FUN?

Well, I warned you guys.  Kylie was coming to visit the east coast so we were probably going to have a blast. AAaaaaaand we did!  When I’m around awesome people and having such a good time, it’s easy to forget how hard of a transition this move has been for me.  Landon and Chad have to be the two most resilient people I’ve ever known!  They’re growing, flourishing, enjoying their days at work and school learning amazing new things. They’re coming up with aspirations and ambitions that warm my soul right down to the core.  I’m envious of their strength, that resilience to withstand change and adapt, and I should have been taking notes this entire time!  If there is something great I’m learning through all of these struggles I’m having… it must be that it is not the mountains we conquer, but ourselves.  Easily forgotten, but I’m going to work on that as well.

But today’s blog is about awesome.  We did awesome yoga, awesome attempts at yoga, awesome paddleboarding, awesome attempts at yoga while paddleboarding, awesome attempts at slacklining, and ate awesome food!  (I LOOOOOOOVE FOOD!)  Genuine quality time doing really cool things and having amazing quality conversations is the cure for any lackluster, bummed out Amy.

Who has tried paddleboarding?  Oh Em Gee… amazing.  I’ve been trying to come up with adjectives to fully describe how much fun and how cool it was to be out in Annapolis on the water.  We rented from Capital SUP and the guys there were so much fun.  Excellent customer service, fun sense of humors, and I really appreciate that they just throw you on the water and let you go.  So we went!

We paddled up and around Spa Creek to the border edge of Truxtun Park where we saw a heron and a bunch of ducks.  There was a weird little coyote-fox-looking thing that we stalked and talked to for a bit, and we busted out some SUPYoga.  Anyone want to guess how hard your basic yoga is for the first time on a paddleboard?  Wow… My warrior wasn’t going to war anytime soon!  All I can say is thank goodness that we know how to laugh at each other and ourselves very well and one day soon we will make amazing things happen on paddleboards.  Our hour was up way too fast and I know what I want for Christmas! (HINT HINT “Santa”)

We also kicked up a slackline for a little challenge-adventure.  Those YouTube videos are so deceiving!  I can’t even stand up, let alone balance, bounce and flip around.  It was still so much fun to try, and I’m sure that’s not my last time on one… but I’m going to stick to my regular activities, maybe add in paddleboarding when I can and leave the slacklines to these guys.

I also went out of my comfort zone and met up with some ladies for a Mom’s Run This Town (MRTT) group run.  I know there are meet-up websites and ways to virtually connect with people in your area, as well as the good old fashioned “get out and introduce yourself” and those are great ways to network and find friends; however, I’m that socially awkward person who has never had to start from scratch and reach out like this.  One of the ladies I follow on IG is a member of MRTT in Texas (@fitaholicmom).  She posts photos of her group runs all the time, and that was enough of a “barrier-breaker” for me to feel comfortable…so I decided to research the MRTT community in my area, see if we had one, and try to get involved in that community.

I was immediately welcomed into a Facebook group and invited to runs and events in the area.  MRTT Howard County was such a blessing to find.  Something about running with other moms, some of which have similar stories and experiences to mine, such as moving to the area, adjusting to the weather, etc… is just so comforting to feel like there’s a culture I’m welcomed in.

All that being said, here’s a little photo recap of our adventures:







FullSizeRender (3)


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