Why Do You Yoga?

Yoga is typically a very personal experience for each person and for each practice.  I started doing yoga as a method of recovery from our mid-air plane collision.  I practiced intermittently before that, but it became a desperate call to save myself.  Quiet my mind.  Find peace and strength.

{ P R A C T I C E }

Habit.  A condition arrived at by experience.  Repeated performance.

I can never stop practicing.  By doing so, I recognize that there is no “end game” or “arrival.”  I will always be practicing.  I will always continue to learn.  I will never stop learning.  Again, no end game, no arrival.  I think this is what happiness should be… a constant practice.  There will not be a destination called happiness.  There is practice.

When I started practicing yoga more frequently, I began to learn about honoring yourself where you are; which also takes practice… on and off the mat.  Honor yourself when you are happy.  Honor the place you find yourself in when you are not particularly happy.  Honor yourself when you are completely pissed off and want to throw things in rage… the pendulum will continue to swing.  Honor that place when you find your space to balance and nail the forearm stand you thought would elude your practice forever.  Honor the forward fold when you can not seem to reach the mat without bending your knees.

Practice. Honor. Practice honor.  Practice.

taken by my husband at the St. Louis River in Cloquet, Minnesota. June, 2015

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