What’s Goin’ On!

Do you ever feel like you’re in the middle of a 5 month long tornado? I DO! I have some really cool things coming up that I wanted to throw down (even if it just helps me organize my brain to have it in one spot)…  Aside from house hunting (for the last 4 months) and job hunting and working on my Bachelor’s and trying to keep up with my family life and workouts, I have a couple of races and an October IG Yoga Challenge coming up!

First up: RAGNAR DC!  Who has heard of a Ragnar? Ya!!! 200+ mile relay race, they have them all over the country and I was able to join a team last minute to finally fulfill my bucket list item of doing a Ragnar.  When I’ve thought about it in the past, it was so complicated to try to coordinate, and the cost really starts to add up… So joining a team of experienced Ragnarians was definitely the way to go.  The Agony of De Feet is our all-female team that will be relaying our way from Cumberland, MD to Washington DC in less than 2 weeks.  Of COURSE I’ll do a recap!  Expect some great photos, and a lengthy bloggeroonie about how awesome the experience was, the ups, downs and everything in between!  I’m headed to Cumberland on October 1, race day starts bright and early pre-sunrise on the 2nd and the Agony of De Feet plans to cross the finish line together (yes, all 12 of us) in the afternoon of the 3rd…presumably with beer in hand!  I’m planning on live-feeding my Instagram account so follow me at @thefermentedsole for fun there!

NEXT: Anyone that knows me knows I like to go big.  So when the hubster gave me the green light to run the Runner’s World Half Marathon in Bethlehem, PA, and I saw they have a “hat trick challenge,” well, DUH of course I signed up for that!  What’s better than running a half marathon and getting a medal and some sweet swag?? Running a 5k, 10k AND a half marathon and getting a second medal and MORE sweet swag!  The plan of attack for my first ever Runner’s World Hat Trick Challenge is to crush a 5k the morning of October 17, then almost immediately after kill a 10k, and then PR with a sub-2 hour half the next morning! In between is the Runner’s World Festival, so BRING ON THE FREEBIES!

ALSO!  I’m slacking on yoga.  And that’s usually when I need it the most.  SO! I joined a yoga challenge for the month of October to include daily postures that I post on my IG account with @kinoyoga and @beachyogagirl sponsored by @aloyoga to focus on @yogisheart’s Fund the Journey to India Scholarship.  Follow me, or the tag #OctoberYogaSpice for some daily yoga juice all month long!

and FINALLY: without jinxing it, and if everything goes smoothly… we might have our very own home in MD before Thanksgiving!  Might! MAYYYYYBE! Ok, send your prayers for that one.

STAY TUNED and thanks for reading!

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