Coming Right Up!

Super stoked to have the ability to run this event this weekend.  The Runner’s World (yes the magazine!) Half and Festival in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is this weekend and not only am I running the half, I’m running the Hat Trick!

What’s a Hat Trick, Amy?

Oh, I’m so glad you asked!  A hat trick is normally a football or hockey term for when you score 3 goals in a single game.  The Hat Trick at the RWHF is a 5k, followed by a 10k on Saturday, and the half marathon on Sunday.  Essentially, 3 races bundled up into one event.  Great way to get extra miles for that run 2015 in 2015 challenge I’ve been struggling with all year.  Plus, as you can tell from the photo, they have some really sweet swag lined up for us!

Not only am I excited to run in the stunning fall colors of the weekend, being a Runner’s World event, they’re bound to “do it right”, right??  RIGHT!  Here’s what’s on the schedule, and you can be sure I won’t miss a beat with updates on Instagram (@thefermentedsole).

Deena Kastor.  Theeeee Deena Kastor.  The woman who holds the women’s world record in pretty must every long distance event.  The woman who just shattered the Chicago Marathon in 2:27:47 (another record, women’s master’s fastest time by over a minute).  The second woman I look up to in running, only second to Kara Goucher because she’s from my hometown… Yes, Deena Kastor is hosting an open format discussion on her 20-year running career, she’s also hosting happy hour (duh, my fave!) and the spaghetti dinner Saturday night – to which of course I have a ticket!.

Also, Burt Yasso – if you’re on my IG, you know I just tried those damned Yasso 800’s for the first time and wanted to barf.  Well, here’s my chance to meet the man himself! He’s presenting a seminar called “My life on the run” he’s also the RWHF Race Director so you know this will be a quality event, probably pretty hard to beat.

RWHF is also offering free (FREE!!!!) hi-res race photos to all runners throughout the weekend, which I am super stoked about.  More races should adopt this!  I know the Across the Bay 10k in Annapolis coming up is offering the same as well.  Is anyone else as annoyed with super expensive, crappy race pictures? Because I am.  I have never purchased one… ever. Also, they’re planning a kick-ass post run fest on Sunday with Saucony Creek Brewing (hey, local!) that I’ll only be able to partially enjoy since I am my own ride to the event!

Anyway, super excited for all that Runner’s World has to offer this weekend, stay tuned for my race-recap next week and cross your fingers that I’ll get Deena’s golden autograph!  I saved my RW magazine just for it!

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