There’s always something on the horizon and coming up next (besides the wonderful blog I’m working on regarding pumpkin beers) is the Across the Bay 10k in Annapolis!  Just two weeks from now I’ll be shuttled across the stunning Bay Bridge in Annapolis only to run my butt back across the Chesapeake on foot for this glorious event!

When we first moved here – actually before we moved here Chad’s cousin and her hubby said if you want a race to do in town, that’s the race to do!  Alex (Chad’s cousin’s husband) is a native to Annapolis and an impressive runner, and there was nothing standing in my way…Well, the time has come and it’s my last (haha, who am I kidding!) race of the year.  Let’s be honest, there’s always one or two more that come up, especially with organizers like Pretzel City Sports in your back yard…

November 7th, Landon is all set and registered to run the kid’s run at the impressive expo that takes place in the Navy Marine Corp Memorial Stadium.  It didn’t take much to convince him once he saw the amazing shark medal and shirt he would be walking away with…He’s past the age where I can bribe him to run a 5k with me, but not quite at the age where it’s fun to go jogging with mom so I have to resort to bribery of race swag.  OMG, I just realized I’m creating a monster!  Surely no runner signs up for races just because of the swag!  HAA! (did you read my last blog about the Hat Trick?? oh it has begun.)

November 8th, thanks to a few of the moms I’ve been fortunate enough to meet through MRTT (more like Moms Save Amy’s Life When She Moves to MD!) we have a carpool plan in place! As a runner in the 3rd wave, I have a 7:20am start time and a PR on my mind!  Nevermind that I just broke my PR last weekend, I’m going to smash it and I’m going to smash it as my first ever gig as Social Media Ambassador!

That’s right, yours truly gets to represent Across the Bay 10k on my blog, IG and Facebook.  (Ummm, can you say #howdoyoutwitter? nope, still not a tweeter yet!) So thanks for checking me out, and don’t forget to check back and follow my Instagram (@thefermentedsole) for all the juicy last minute training deets, but more importantly all the expo and race day fun as I #BeatTheBridge!

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