My Love Hate Relationship With IG Yoga Challenges

I love yoga. I also love photography.  Aaaaand of all the social media forms I currently participate in, I love IG the most.  Put them all together and what do you get? An Instagram Yoga Challenge!

I’ve participated in a couple of Instagram Yoga Challenges hosted by a variety of  sponsors and yogis and I’ve yet to come to a definitive conclusion on how I feel about them. Pros and cons, love and hate…well, never hate – but you get it.  I just can’t decide.

The Good? Obviously, anything Yoga is good.  The two specific month-long yoga challenges I participated in were both during months when I needed focus, a goal and inspiration.  On top of that, the two months that I participated in yoga challenges, the sponsors were donating to charity based on the number of participants posting throughout the month.  Some yoga challenges basically bribe you to participate based on sponsors giving YOU free stuff, which I love…but I’m all about the good for others, especially in my humble yoga practice.  I also enjoy the variety of postures.  A lot of doors have opened with my asanas because of yoga challenges, and I have often found myself practicing postures I didn’t think were A) possible, and B) even existed!  Plus, let’s face it…sometimes I don’t practice even when I know that’s exactly what I need.  So a 15 minute sesh to get the stretch on, and achieve that day’s assignment is a win.

The Bad… I have become increasingly annoyed with the fact that IG yoga challenges really only focus on the postures.  Yoga is SOOOOO much more than asanas, but when your social media revolves around a pretty picture, or a picture in general, let’s be honest- sometimes it is just that.  A picture.  A posture in a picture.  Do you ever want to correct people? Because I do!  I also want to help them realize things that helped me, but that’s not what yoga challenges are about, and it probably isn’t my place.  Also, one of the first things I had to learn and accept was that my practice was just for me.  Don’t look at anyone else because that’s their practice and their practice doesn’t matter.  Honor where you are, what your body allows you to do and practice.

The Verdict?  I’m still not sure.  I’m grateful to my yoga challenges that have been humble enough to contribute to better causes (Yoga Gives Back and Yogis Heart).  But is it really humble to post postures on Instagram hashtagging them and tagging sponsors and yogis?  A ping of guilt goes through me every time I do because it feels fraudulent and contraindicated.

I’d love some insight on your practice and if you share any of your practice with social media?  Also, stay tuned for some awesome #BeatTheBridge action this weekend as I conquer my PR (hopefully!!) at the Across the Bay 10k in Annapolis, MD!

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