AHHhhh!!! All the chaos!  I know for a fact I am not alone when I say the holidays bring on a level of stress that is typically unrivaled.  Most of the time there is a struggle to find balance and maintain a routine.  For me, routine is pretty important.  I’m not talking about having a set structure to every hour of my day, but I have a few things that I need to take care of and throw in a workout to keep my head on straight.

Well, add buying a house, staring a new job, parent-teacher conferences, and having family visit you on the east coast for the first time and I am so far out of whack I can’t even see straight.  PLUS HOLIDAYS?? Omg.

Workouts are lost, homework is barely maintaining (only because I refuse to hand in late or poor quality work), running the dogs? ha! They’re barely getting a decent walk every other day AND we are on day number 5 of trying to unpack our new house and there are still boxes and messes.  So you want to be a blogger, too right? (insert hysterical laughing here)

Remember the simplicity of a hike in the woods with the family and the dogs?  Remember a warm cup of coffee while you plug away at research, respond to discussions, or read a few chapters for Environmental Economics?  Remember early morning runs to start the day off with a clear head and making it back to a silent house because you not only beat the sunrise – you also beat the “son-rise” and the “husband-rise” as well? I remember them…But I can’t see when it’s coming back!

Life happens, right?  I need to remind myself that unstructured days, or even weeks will not kill me (even though it feels like I’m drowning right now!).  Help me out, how do you stay sane?? What are your organizational tips that can help me, and EVERYONE else this time of year balance?

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