The Ugly Truth

Well.  As much as you want to put yourself through denial and think you can run through it, sometimes you can’t and sometimes you have to stop.

I’ve been in denial, avoiding the obvious treatment plan of “just stop running.”  Honestly, the chiropractors I have been seeing haven’t said it before today.  Even when I knew deep down that it would probably start feeling better if I just stopped running; to take that hiatus.  And now I don’t have a choice.  Chiropractor appointments, an x-ray (to rule out stress fractures), dry needling, ice, adjustments, KT tape… and finally the dreaded MRI.

I had it yesterday and the results are back.  They are ironically exactly what I told my chiropractor 4+ weeks ago when we started treatment.  My exact words: it feels like a bone bruise.  Well, my friends… suspicion confirmed.

Navicular contusion.  A deep bone bruise on the upper inside of the middle of my arch, right below my malleolus (your inner ankle bone).

Treatment?  Doc says no running for at least 4 weeks, then test it out.

But what about my races? My first 50k is this weekend!!! and technically I was hoping to ramp up my runs for marathon training for Grandma’s in June… crap.  All hope is not lost!

My plan:

I’m running the 50k this weekend. I am humble about it and won’t let my pride be bruised (ha.. punny) if I need to drop.  The course is a 10k loop, repeat and if I get 2 or 3 loops and decide it’s for the better to call it, I’m going to call it.  (If I get 4 loops in, I’m damn well finishing that 5th loop).  I don’t think this surprises anyone, and even the short few months I’ve been seeing my chiro he laughed it off and knew what I was going to do.

Cross training… EVERYTHING THAT DOESN’T HURT.  Thankfully, I’ve already been Power Training twice a week since December.  I have a really good base long distance run built up of 11-15 mile runs pretty regularly, so a few weeks – as much as it will kill me – won’t kill me.  I’ve also been swimming an hour a week, and yoga yoga yoga.  Duh.

Non-impact cardio.  KILLS ME.  Hate it. That stupid elliptical (because I’m a runner) doesn’t get my heart rate up enough to be remotely effective.  Even at the highest intensity I’ve ever gotten it to, I max out around 150ish.  Regardless, it will have a purpose over the next few weeks:  time on my feet.  More importantly, non-impact time on my feet.  Wolff’s Law my dear blog readers!  Calcium is built up in response to stress.

Everything anti-inflammatory.  Up the flax, take the fish oil (which I should be doing anyway, ooops!), NSAIDs when needed, ice the crap out of it, especially at night, Epsom salt baths…you name it, and it says anti-inflammatory and I’m doing it, taking it or eating it.

Here’s the deal.  Injuries suck.  And unfortunately, this particular injury is hitting me when I’m already down… So keeping my optimism and activity levels high are a must.  There is the opportunity to come out stronger than I started.  It’s not the first running-related injury I’ve overcome, hopefully the ugly head has reared and I am on the other side of this already.  Thanks in part to Winter Storm Jonas screwing up our entire household schedule and Maryland not having a clue on how to clear streets/sidewalks, etc…plus a busy few weeks means I haven’t been at that 30+ miles per week that I was at the end of 2015.

This isn’t a cry for attention, like woah-was-me and here’s my list of injuries… No this is partially an experiment.  Every injury I have ever come out of I have learned something from, and this is no exception.  So fellow runner-readers… send me your healing vibes and positivity and I’ll kick this boney contusion back to the bad shoes it came from.

*also already learned: change your shoes when you need to and don’t wait 200-300 miles after you think you should get a new pair to actually get a new pair.  What I’ve spent in chiro appoitments, an xray and an MRI is FAR FAR FAR less than one new pair of running shoes.  Take care of your feet.

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