For the most part, I’m packed and ready for tomorrow.  The weather says a high of 19F, 7F at the start and windy (21mph)!  I kind of have forgotten what that feels like and how to dress for it for a run, but we’ll be in the woods and fairly sheltered from the wind anyway.  I looked back at how I dressed for the Birkie 2015, since it was a 55k in 18F through the woods (see what I mean about documenting what you wear? It comes in handy!!)

This is a unique run. It’s a 50k (31miles) trail run, but it’s a 10k loop that we run 5 times.  For prep-purposes, it’s never been so easy!  I know exactly where my support is every single time I need it… If something happens or my recent injury flares and says no more, I just finish out the loop…  Since I don’t know exactly what support they’ll have for nutrition and gear, I always prep my own.  Here are a few things I like to have  with me for the long haul:

Water (duh), electrolytes-I’m in love with nuun right now so I packed their energy tabs in Wildberry, Nature’s Path Organic toaster pastries (in Cherry Pomegranate flavor!), Simply Balanced fruit chews, a cherry pie Lara Bar, Cheetos (offsets the sweets) and some ibuprofen.

I’ve tested these things and know they work well for me… No, I don’t EVER normally eat pop tarts, but dang they make great energy for long miles!  They were a game changer for the Birkie so I’m sticking with it.

Other essentials I’ve come to love are baby wipes, and the sweet solar phone charger!  My phone dies constantly and especially in the colder temps, it doesn’t seem to last for anything, so having that extra juice really helps…

My clothing choices are really a product of trial and error.  I picked up a really nice shell-type active jacket from Target last night on a whim because it was clearance and seemed to be exactly what I would be looking for for tomorrow!  Although I typically live and die by the whole “don’t do anything new on race day,” I think this will be an exception I won’t regret.

UA cold gear tights, the same ones I wore for the Birkie, my fleece neck gator, and some solid mittens from my mother in law (Thanks, Pat!).  I always pack extras for the bag drop so a spare pair of shoes, a dry long sleeve base layer and shell, and even a dry neck gator in case I sweat through the fleece one I made and it starts to get cold or freeze.  Since it’s going to be windy, I’m bringing sunglasses too for eye protection.

Packet pick up tonight and then the long haul tomorrow!  I’ve linked a couple of my previous blog posts in this content where I thought it might be helpful to readers…Full recap next week, too… Thanks for reading!

Cold Weather Running Blog Here

Half Wit Trail Half Marathon Prep Here

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