Late Recap & Coming Up!

So, I’ve been avoiding writing my recap of the MidMD 50k because I knew I was injured going in and didn’t have a great shot at finishing it.  I felt great on the first 10k lap, the conditions were very cold at about 17F, but 25+mph winds brought that down to the low single digits.  Once you got moving it was alright, but that wind cut right through!

Halfway through the second loop I decided it would be my last.  My foot hurt too bad and with an entire year of races, Ragnars and fun runs ahead of me, my mental risk assessment said no more.  So my 50k ended at 20k… (even though Liz’s GPS tracked 7.5mi/loop!) The other solo-MRTTers that weren’t on a relay team called it after 30k and shout out to moms running relay team Badass Mamas for kicking out the whole thing in 6:29!

Injury update: yes it was a mistake to try and run the MidMD50K, I paid for it in pain the rest of the day!  But we’ve been dry needling, using Graston, ultrasonic therapy, and I ice and wrap it frequently as well.  It’s coming along, but still ZERO running. *insert favorite dissatisfied emoji here*


This Saturday I have my FIRST acro yoga event at the Baltimore Yoga Village (definitely WILL post an update asap after that one!) and Julie’s coming to visit next weekend!  I’m hoping to show her the best HoCo and MD has to offer, as well as a jaunt over to Frederick for some authentic German Doner kabobs and if everything pans out right, we’ll be attending the first volunteer experience on an Appalachian Trail maintenance trek with the PATC (Potomac Appalachian Trail Club).

Thanks for reading!

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