Acro Workshop Recap

I’m sitting here in my beautiful little office space, sipping (who am I kidding…chugging) my french press coffee, my body is achy in new places, I feel bruised but stronger in others… and the world seems a little brighter, the colors are more vibrant and my heart feels content.

Is this a result of 3 hours of acro yoga yesterday, or getting almost 11 hours of sleep last night?  Not sure, but I’m enjoying it!

The acro yoga workshop at the Baltimore Yoga Village yesterday was unbelievable.  This all levels class started with some beautiful strength postures, some of which I did not know existed, and ended in sweaty hugs, laughter and smiles all around.  In between the two, we worked together in groups of three to learn different team postures and how to spot each other in our new endeavors.  Our mentor and coach was Jean-Jacques Gabriel and what an incredible one he is…

I was fortunate enough to be partnered first with two gentlemen, being a larger lady, I appreciated the fact that I would actually get to fly, but I was also confident that I would be able to reciprocate and base for them as well… at least in most of the postures.  We switched a little over half-way through and I was then paired with two smaller women who weren’t intent on flying me, so I was happy to be a strong and solid base for them (a little jealous of the postures and flows we were learning though, it would have been really fun to get to try them… I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly bummed out).

Some fun things I got to try (unfortunately we were so into our work that I didn’t get a lot of pictures or video!):

Throne (flyer and base)

Reverse throne (base)


Bird (base)

Backfly (base)

Candlestick in a straddle, on forearms (flyer and base)


Folded leaf (flyer)


Hammock (flyer and base)


Cartwheel dismount (base, but I did get to fly 1!) video on my IG (@thefermentedsole)

There are more that I either don’t remember the names for, or they were variations that I hadn’t heard of.  Overall, what an amazing experience… I love going outside of my comfort zone and trying new things, especially in places where everyone is honored and honoring themselves for trying and respecting where they are and what their bodies are giving them for that moment.

Check out my Instagram (@thefermentedsole) for a video of Marty’s cartwheel dismount from backfly, and more fun things coming up!

What are some fun, new things you want to try that are outside of your comfort zone? I can’t wait to hear about them!



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