On the “DNR” list

Ok guys… it’s critical. Have you ever been on the DNR list (do-not-run) and then your new 5 pack of compression socks show up that you ordered for marathon training, and then the next day your latest issue of Runner’s World shows up, and it’s the first 70 degree day of the year and EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHERS ARE RUNNING…

except you.

Well, that’s me today.  And dammit… I’m pretty flippin’ bummed out.   Yesterday I conceded I wouldn’t be running the Ragnar Trail race in VA with my “Sm-Oregon Trail Runners” MRTT team and dropped so they would have time to train and get a sub… I’m contemplating what other races I either have to defer, deflect, or drop out of completely. All of my goals are running related for the next 6 months… ughhhh.

Here it is: Navicular Bone Bruise…

FullSizeRender (2)

Yep, those are my haggard runner’s feet and my little (not so little) swollen, bruised navicular bone.  And that little asshole is clinically non-responsive  to treatment. NON-RESPONSIVE.  We have tried ultrasonic therapy, Graston, dry needling, adjustments, icing…guess what? Nothing. Nada. And no one knows how long it will take.  My original plan with my chiro was to avoid running on it until the end of March or early April and then test it.  My primary care physician looked at me in disbelief, she’s never seen a bone bruise heal faster that 3-4 months and that wasn’t a foot bone that you use everyday.

I was this close – this close!! –  to just doing it.  The shoes and the socks were already on, a couple of miles won’t hurt, right?  Not running isn’t working, it’s not getting better…so couldn’t I just run and deal with it?

Any runners have ideas for me? Has anyone experienced a non-responsive injury?  What did you do to help it along?  How did you keep your sanity??  I haven’t lost complete hope in my marathon, though we’re closing in on the 14-week mark… so I’m definitely getting antsy.  Send me your thoughts, ideas, shoot – I will even take prayers and healing vibes!  What about your non-running goals? It’s getting harder and harder to stay positive so lay them on me!

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