Be Happy…it’s worth it.

I’ve been looking for other goals outside of running.  Even though I have a few runs under my belt from last week, I still need to put a shift in focus and find something else to channel some positive energy toward.  I did the yoga collab 10 day challenge and right as I was about to start looking for the next little mini-project/goal, one fell in my lap.

One of my favorite and inspiring yogis is teaming up with other fabulous and inspiring women for the next month for a little challenge.  4 weeks of loving your body, eating fearlessly (I already nail that), nourishing your spirit and finding true balance.

Today is day 1 of the challenge, named #AimTrueBook Challenge and part one is loving your body.  I like to think that 95% of the time I have a pretty good handle on this after years of practice.  That other 5% of the time is right now, where I haven’t been able to run, and the changes reflected in my physical body have affected my mental body.  So I’m going to embrace this state of fluffy… yes, fluffy (for me) comes with softness in areas that I’m not always comfortable being soft, or things moving more than I’m used to when I’m at Power Train (there’s no flattering way to do a jumping jack, dammit) but I’m made of many more adjectives outside of fluffy, soft, or move-y…

Your body also encompasses your mind… the brain.  I’ve had a hard time over the last 2 1/2 years since our plane crash finding a new normal and not being frustrated with the changes that have happened to my mind.  I’ve said it more than a dozen times, I have a bad brain.  Well, I don’t have a bad brain, I just get frustrated and that’s what comes out.

Throughout the entire learning process that this has been, some days it’s hard to accept that change is the only constant in life.

I’m strong when I don’t think I am, because I haven’t quit yet.  I’m fiercly passionate, seriously…to a fault.  I’m vulnerable. Aggressive. Determined. And even though some days I have to work to convince myself of it… I am happy.  Because it’s worth it.


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