Hello from MN

Ahhh my image is deceiving!  That’s one of the first infamous cherry blossom blooms peeking out in MD 2 weeks ago.  That is NOT the spring break I am writing from in northern Minnesota, to which I arrived in a sleeting snowy fury for the first 50 hours.  I figured it would be a good night to update some fun things coming up, namely the Cherry Blossom 10 miler through DC this weekend!

I registered for the lottery a few months ago and won a spot in the coveted race! This is a bucket-lister, and they’re predicting peak cherry blossom bloom to fall right during our run!  It’s called the runner’s rite of spring for a reason, so check in on my IG feed for the best photos and updates from the race Sunday morning!

Unofficial goal: 1:35

Official goal: finish my first race with an injury without pain…

One thought on “Hello from MN

  1. Yayyyy!! I was wondering if you were going to be running the Cherry Blossom still 🙂 You’re going to love it. (This will be my second time running it.) I am so stinking excited for it, although I think some of it is pent up energy from the taper.


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