Frederick Half Race Recap

Story of my life lately, chronically late.  Like this race recap of the Frederick half marathon on Mother’s Day… late!

Some of the HoCo MRTT’ers running the Frederick Half, pre-race!

This race had a lot of build up to it… it’s the first half on the books for a lot of us in the Moms Run This Town (MRTT) group I run with, thus it’s the first half to test the waters and try to set new PR’s for the year, or cross off running resolutions (like mine, a sub-2hr half).  The chatter around the race was the notoriously fast course, which made us all antsy for PR’s, and how flat the course was. Everyone touted how well organized and well supported it is, and the swag was worth it, too.  It’s also the first race in the King Crab Challenge – which I am participating in this year!

**The King Crab Challenge is a 3-race series of the Frederick Half, Baltimore 10-miler (June 4th), and the Baltimore Running Festival, of which I am doing the half as well in October.  Completion gets you not only a medal and swag at each race, but an ultimate “Royal Throw Blanket”, additional medals, and Baltimore 10-miler VIP tent access.

From the King Crab Challenge website*

Anyway, back to Frederick… The starting line was warmer than I expected and I decided to forgo the layers prior to the start.  I paced slightly faster than the 2 hour finish pacers, but not quite fast enough to catch the 1:55-ers.  This was all good and comfortable until about mile 9, and I noticed it was a lot more work to keep a close-to-9mm pace as it continued to warm up.  Mile 10.5 my legs felt like bricks but between mile 9 and 10.5 I had only slowed to a 9:30 pace, but I had been averaging slightly under 9mm until mile 8 so I was not too concerned and thought I still had a shot at a sub-2.

Turned the corner at mile 11 and HELLOOOOOOO MILE LONG UPHILL!  And good-bye pace! Mile 11: 10:16, Mile 12: 10:31 and Mile 13: 10:49 *barf*.

2:06 finish this time on the beautiful Frederick course, which is average-ish for me…But a stunning course, good beer at the finish – TWO beer tickets, might I add! (thanks Harpoon Brewing!) – and a great way to spend Mother’s Day! (Plus, the finisher shirt is a new fave! Super soft long sleeve WITH thumb holes… it’s the little things!)

Thanks for the beer, Harpoon!!!

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