National Donut Day and Coming Up…

No, it’s not an ad for Dunkin’ Donuts, I just happened to have one down the road, for convenient access to major national holidays such as National Donut Day, where DD gives out free donuts.  NBD but I have no problems quoting Charlie Sheen here: WINNING!!!!!

Tomorrow also marks the second race in the King Crab Challenge, the Baltimore 10-miler (B10).  I ran the Cherry Blossom 10-miler about 2 months ago which was my first 10 mile race.

Flat Amy – Race Ready

B10 official goal: PR (1:35:xx)

My unofficial goal from the CB10 still stands, crush 1:30!

It may be harder than I think, and really depends on Mr. MD Humidity in the morning.  Lately, that has been absolutely killing my pace (and my hair, seriously – what curling iron?).

And tomorrow also marks the 2 week mark to Grandma’s Marathon.  I have so many nerves built up for this run it’s ridiculous. In no particular order:

  • I’ve never had to travel to Grandma’s Marathon… I’ve always lived there.  On a side note, if it happens to be one of those freakishly hot years in Duluth, MN, I do feel a little more prepared because that’s what I’ve been training in.
  • I haven’t ran a full marathon in 2 years.
  • My longest run was an 18-miler (plus a 5.5 hour hike, which can’t be discounted because there’s something to be said about spending 5.5 hours on your feet and still being able to continue moving forward…after all, it might actually take me that long to run this!).
  • No support team at the finish line this year.  Chad won’t be travelling to MN with us, and therefore when I cross the finish line, it’s just me.  A gotta say, I’m most worried about being able to stay positive throughout the race knowing that nothing is waiting for me when I finish.
  • I still have a nagging foot injury… ugh. STILL

Honestly, I just want to finish and say that I smiled the whole way.  I’m not an impressive marathon runner, no matter how much my heart melts into running – I’ll never be fast, or BQ…

Official goal for Grandma’s Marathon: PR (4:49)

Unofficial goal: sub-4:30.

As far as the immediate horizon, that’s pretty much it… Longer term, the hubster and I are planning on hiking the 4-state challenge on the Appalachian Trail (PA-MD-VA-WV), possibly the Half-Wit Trail Half Marathon, Ragnar DC, Ragnar Trail ULTRA Wawayanda, Baltimore Half Marathon (probably my only sub-2 opportunity left this year! and the concluding race to the King Crab Challenge), and maybe the Rehoboth Seashore Marathon in December… MAYBE.

What are you training for?

4 thoughts on “National Donut Day and Coming Up…

  1. I confess to enjoying a dunkin donut in Friday as well. And I’ll be curious for your take on the B10 – my 3rd time running and wow was it humid! And I swear the final hill(s) get bigger each time.


    1. Russ, I have to say… I was completely humbled even with the warning that it was going to be a tough second half. Being from MN, I’m still getting used to this whole “run in the heat/humidity” thing and I really have never experienced THAT before!

      I’m writing my recap now… Thanks for reading and congrats on finishing that run! It was brutal!

      Liked by 1 person

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