Black Flag Brewing


The social media game is strong with this one.  We’ve been anxiously waiting for good craft beer to hit Columbia since we moved here.  HoCo’s game is pretty weak when you compare it to our hometown Duluth, Minnesota.  When you have Bent Paddle, Castle Danger, Fitgers, Canal Park Brewing, and more right at the tips of your fingers for so long – you don’t take it for granted, but it’s too easy to have really great, locally sourced, well made beer whenever you want it.

Enter Black Flag Brewing.  Columbia, Maryland’s latest craft brewery opens on our wedding anniversary?  I think that’s a definite sign…


Overall looking back on the experience, it was a grand opening any craft brewer should be proud of.  The beer was great, the establishment is stunning, the service was as to be expected for such an event and the pizza (FREE!) was delicious.  Did it get claustrophobic? Yes… was it manageable? yes.  Here’s what you need to know about the beers we sampled:

2 flights – one of their signature beers which they intend to have on tap regularly, and then a variety of small batch that – to my understanding – will rotate seasonally as they experiment with production.

Signature Brews: Alpha Pale Ale, Flagship IPA, Mambo Sauce (Double IPA), Belgie (Belgian Saison), Brunch (Breakfast Stout).

Favorite: Belgie.  Hands down the winner there for me.  Reveiwing my notes from last week’s grand opening, I specifically wrote: “Holy shit balls yes! Citrus. In all the right places”

The breakfast stout was impressive, mostly because stouts aren’t my fave so to consider one a win, is a win… The espresso coffee flavoring was spot on.  Mambo sauce was alright, I wrote “I taste dank nuggets” so I might have to try that one again to clarify.  I was least impressed with the Flagship IPA and the Alpha Pale Ale.  Something was a little off on the carbonation and I’m hoping they work that out.  *(or put it on nitro?!)

Small Batch: Chase the Grain (Kentucky Common), Barnwood (Dark Farmhouse Ale), Mother of Dragons (Smoked Porter), Z Morris (Blonde Ale), and Rainbow Road (Pale Ale).

Favorite: Rainbow Road – hands down that is one solid, stunning drink.

Chase the Grain, my notes stated that I was glad it was a sample… I think it just left me wanting more… or actually less.  Simply just more simple. Barnwood was disappointing because I love a good farmhouse but I would call it a dark, clean saison and it seemed too filtered to me.  Mother of Dragons? Mother of God, no.  No.  Z Morris is devotedly blonde, it’s what you want and what you expect, and that’s good.  But Rainbow Road… there she is.  the best of the bunch.

I’m hopping (pun intended!) back over to Black Flag this evening to round out the experience and get a better taste of the place on a “non-opener” evening, so this post might require an edit.  If that’s the case, so be it… Until then, cheers your beers! And drink local!


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