Praying Mantis

I’ve been so absent from my blog lately, and I am willing to accept that is going to happen from time to time.  My mom has been visiting for two weeks and she flies home today.  We went for a quick walk while it was finally cooler temps this morning and found this little guy waiting for us when we got home.


I ran upstairs quickly to grab my husband’s nice camera and slapped a 50mm lens on it. Snapped a few pictures and video as well.  I started to reflect, intrinsically on this little mantis.  See, the last few weeks I have been contemplating a paradigm shift.  Everyone says how your happiness will be much more natural if you just follow your passions.  For some reason my passions have ADHD (seriously) but at least one thing has remained pretty consistent over my lifetime: I love to help people and I’m passionate about health and fitness.

I’m starting to take initiatives to move more of this into my life… Picking out what personal training certification I want to pursue, finding a platform that will stick with people and put purpose behind it.  I have some help from friends and more recently, I’ve felt an enormous sense of urgency… Like if I don’t get the ball rolling now I’m missing something.  Even comparing myself to others who are so successful or finding success in doing exactly what I hope to do, but I’m so far behind.

My little mantis friend has appeared in quite the timely fashion.  It is said the Praying Mantis will show itself when we have flooded our lives with chaos and activity.  The mantis is the reminder to slow down and listen to the little voice inside of us, and it’s time to step back, meditate and quiet our life to come back to our own truth.  The Praying Mantis always comes to us when we need peace, quiet and calm in our lives. (Taken from spirit animals)

It seems like quite the powerful message.  One that I won’t ignore, and comes at the most appropriate time.  More time for reflection and meditation is necessary, and to remember my passion has been there all along, and will be ready when I am.


One thought on “Praying Mantis

  1. Whenever I feel like I’m pressuring myself to get to a certain place too quickly, or when I compare myself to people who are where I think I should be, I remember something my yoga teacher said:

    “Apple will fall when apple is ready. No need to force apple down.”

    I love that you’re paying attention; you’re building awareness. The rest will follow.


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