Easy and healthy

I think this is why I will never have a #transformationtuesday: because I don’t subscribe to easy. I saved up for 3 months to pay the enrollment fee for my first gym membership when I was in high school.The first time I joined an Anytime Fitness, the sales associate said “this is a one year contract” and I said, “so? I’ll be doing this the rest of my life, what’s a year?” I had no idea what I was doing, (newsflash: I still don’t!) but I knew I wanted to figure out what healthy was for me.

I was reminded this week that most people aren’t like me.  (Us… Thanks, Lindsey) What I mean is, most people do not have a commitment to their health in such an extreme way as I have found to work for me.  Most people probably think what I do is crazy, or that I work out too much, or what I eat is boring – heck my own mother told me I drink too much water and that’s unhealthy. You know what?  I don’t think I would be so inspired if everyone was as dedicated to health as I am.  I like seeing people overcome the struggle.  I love seeing people realize small victories from healthy choices in their lives… I am inspired by it, I am motivated by you.  Yes! YOU!

I have watched people sit in their cars in parking lots of health clubs I worked at for far too long because that step inside my gym was the hardest, scariest, and most intimidating step they would take.  I even watched some people drive away… That step was too hard for them, and I can respect that.  But it’s those people that make me more motivated to help, more motivated to find out what will inspire them and break that fear… It’s that motivation that drives a passion that is the inspiration for some really fun pathways coming up in my life!

I think, where I’m going with this seemingly all over the place blog post, is that I’m on the cusp of going outside of my comfort zone, and I want to put that little nugget out there for people who might find inspiration with it.  I have been hinting at this “coming soon” and “stay tuned” tone in my IG and some of my blog posts, but I have really been leaving that open ended.  The truth is, I had this revelation a few weeks ago.  Like something so obvious it was too close to see and I was looking right past it.  Everyone says live your passions and do what you love, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why I haven’t made this step sooner.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve been involved in health clubs and gyms from an employment perspective for almost 10 years so in some sense I felt like I was still involved in helping people or inspiring them.

But that’s not enough for me anymore.  I want to directly help people, I have this passion for inspiring others to find out what motivates them and explore that to its fullest potential.  I want to see what health and wellness can do for peoples’ lives and encourage a journey that will last a lifetime.  Because that’s what it takes… a lifetime.  Health and wellness isn’t an easy journey, or a quick fix.  Health and wellness, when done right, is just what you can do on a daily basis to make your life better somehow or in someway, for the rest of your life.  It’s NOT losing weight – although that might be a byproduct for some.  It’s NOT eating clean, or cutting out certain food groups. It’s NOT restricting your calories or burning off more than you ate.  It’s NOT labeling foods bad  or good because food is fuel and fuel has a purpose.

Unfortunately, this is still one of those “coming soon” posts, in that there are some really exciting (at least for me) plans coming that will begin to blossom in October and even more toward the holidays.  This is just a taste of the why – the tip of the iceberg of my why… and the what  and how are on their way.

Thanks for reading, and for now… stay tuned!

Don’t call it a dream… Call it a plan.

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