Ultra Marathon Training – Week 1(ish)

Rounding out the first week of ultra marathon training for the Dirty German 50-Miler in May has not come without some bumps (and bruises!).  Last weekend was the first round of mileage with an 8.7 road run on Saturday, followed by an 8.4-mile trail run on Sunday (Thanks for the video, Mandi!!).  Barley (featured pup-model above) will be joining for as much of the training as is safely possible for him.

After this weekend’s runs, I was immediately stricken by the death plague of a head cold and spent Sunday afternoon and all of Monday in misery. The rest of the week has been cross training, albeit lightly since I cannot breathe and continue to have a nagging cough… At least my body is getting this out of its’ system early on!

I scheduled 2, back to back (haha punny!!) chiro appointments to start the year off right.  My chiropractor is aware of my active lifestyle and mileage so it’s not your typical “crack-away” chiropractic session.  We do Graston down the tibialis anterior and fibrialis longis muscles of my lower legs and then he hammers out some nasty on my quads and IT bands (hence the bit-of-bruising).  Since I’m still dealing with the bone bruise in my foot, I have adjusted my training to allow maximum recovery between weekend longer runs, focusing instead on cross training for [further] injury prevention and strength, as well as yoga for the range of motion and flexibility… and injury prevention, too I guess!

My nutrition has not changed all that much, as I typically eat fairly healthy and clean; however, I have made it a point to stay away from beers and cocktails (which were becoming routine during the Holidays!).  I suspect as I go forward I’ll have to pay closer attention to my nutrition closer to the weekends, as my runs are practice for the main event on May 13.  Since taking up training, and never having trained for something like this before, I thought my blog and journals could serve as a great recollection of thoughts throughout the process.  I may be able to look back and point out consistencies or inconsistencies and make adjustments for Phase 2, should we continue after Phase 1 is complete.  (See master plan here )

Melissa has also begun coordinating our fundraising ideas and goals, which will be made more public once we have the details worked out.  None of us are particularly good at raising money or even asking for donations, but the point of this excursion to ultra-running is to do good in the process.  So stay tuned for that!

This weekend has some bigger mileage on the plate with an anticipated 15 miler on Saturday and a 6-ish miler on Sunday. As we continue, that theme remains with the training of back to back higher-mileage weekends and we have been lucky to find some fairly inexpensive trail runs and ultras that coincide with our training plans as mock-ups for the big day.  Additionally, since the Dirty German is a running fest, there are several smaller mileage runs which we have invited others from our MRTT running community to participate in – while putting it out there that we will need cheerleaders and support crew as well.

Other planning and prep so far includes applying for ambassadorships (Tailwind Nutrition!! fingers crossed!), making google docs and spreadsheets for supplies and training, and journalling the runs and training I do and how I feel along the way.  This week I felt like I wanted to do more, but resisted that urge to allow myself time to heal and recover from my death plague illness.  Man, was that hard when it was in the 50’s and sunny!  Rest and recovery is a vital part of the plan as well, and not adhering to that rest and recovery will promote the opposite.

Alright, thanks for joining week 1… Onward and upward!

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