Ultra Training and Updates

Good Monday morning!  I thought it was about time to update on how training for our 50-miler has been going, and touch on some developments that happened in the last week as well.

With the mileage heightening each week, we are realizing more and more just how imperatively our training is set up, and why it’s working.  The last three weeks (for me at least) have been scattered with functional cross and strength training, as well as yoga during the week, with back-to-back runs on the weekends.  This past weekend was a peak mileage week with a 20-mile run on Saturday, followed by a 5-mile run on Sunday.  I capped the week out at 35 miles.

Overall, I’m noticing a few trends worth mentioning:

  • Appetite:  I can eat anything.  Unfortunately, I’ve been shoving sweets and junk (ummm, nachos and beer on Wednesday night! Ooops!) in my face to make up for severe calorie deficits and poor planning.  I recognized this last week, acknowledged it, and made a plan to do better this week. I noticed I wasn’t taking in enough protein, and if that were to continue, I would start risking injury without a doubt!  This week’s meal plans include garbanzo bean and chicken on my salads for lunches with healthy fats for dressings, overnight oats with protein powder, and some plain non-fat Greek yogurt parfaits with pecans.  Planning ahead and preparing meals and dinners will avoid the unhealthy grab-and-go’s I have been too easily tempted with.  I know I’m running a ton, and training for a 50-miler one would think that you could just eat anything; however, I also know that fueling my body appropriately will have drastic impacts (hopefully for the better) on my body’s health and ability to perform. Quality over quantity.
  • Every other week I just don’t want to run.  This week, fortunately, I was craving a run by the time our 20-miler came.  I even woke at 3:45am on Saturday with ease because I was excited to run.  I never looked at the entire 20-miles, I just looked at each step I had to take until it was complete.  The run was amazing, the pace was great (which doesn’t matter, but sure makes you feel strong at the end!), and the recovery was decent as well.  Sunday’s “supposed to be 8-miler” was cut short by some procrastination, but the pace was great, and it helped loosen up my hips.  With our training regimen, this week is what we call a “deload” week, where we cut the mileage a bit from last week and allow for a little more recovery.  I have a 10 and 6 miler planned for Saturday and Sunday, before bumping up to the following week with a 50k race, the first race on our ultra-docket and a redo from last year when I dropped at 20k for an injury… Redemption!  It’s also my first week of Yoga Teacher Training, so probably a blessing to have a cut-back on a weekend that will be filled anyway!
  • Nutrition and hydration have been spot on… I’ve been keeping a journal of what I wear, eat, drink, and how I feel throughout the runs (most of the time).  I train with Tailwind Nutrition (not sponsored, just love the product and seriously, it’s a game changer!), and Honey Stinger Waffles (again, not sponsored, just love the product).  When you can absolutely NAIL your mid-run nutrition and hydration, it makes the run so much better and it makes the recovery phenomenal!
  • We launched our fundraiser this week!  After being fully prepared to start a GoFundMe page (Melissa actually did get the ball rolling on that one), we decided to first reach out to the local chapter of Girls on the Run – as we had a contact in our running group and followed that lead.  Girls on the Run have a platform already in place and made it super easy for us to set up a team page to raise money for them, and even sent us some swag for training! Read more about the organization here and click here to support 3WomenRunning4Good.  We are looking for a total of 50 donations, at least $10 each, one for each mile we will complete during our Ultra on May 13.  Obviously, the more donations the better so feel free to share the URL and spread the good word!
  • Charity Miles:  We have had a number of friends and family download the app and join our Charity Miles team (3WomenRunning4Good, in case you’re interested!) and hit the 1000 miles mark today!  This is extremely exciting, as it’s a great way to use technology to spread good vibes throughout the community… And you’d be running anyway, right? So why not let some big sponsor pay you for it!

Overall, we recognize the importance of the training.  It is making itself clear as we notice strength in our endurance and longer runs.  I (we?) are also recognizing the importance of cross training and strength training to make sure those little protagonist muscles are in shape and strong, and that our recovery is lessened from the abuse on long runs over the weekend.  Yoga, for me, has always been a game-changer both mentally and physically so I have upped my practice and incorporate it almost as much as possible.  I’m excited to see the results of better nutrition this week, and grateful for a temporary decrease in mileage before ramping it up for the MidMD50k!

I hope to have some exciting news shortly regarding our fundraising efforts, and hope to report back soon about more training, as well as a race prep for the MidMD50k, and a recap post-race as well… Until then, stay warm and run hard!  Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Ultra Training and Updates

  1. The most important thing I’ve learned about ultras is something Lisa Smith batchen told me. At 50 miles and above its an eating and drinking contest with exercise and scenery.

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