Let the countdown begin!

Thirty-five days.  We are down to just about the last month of our training, and what a whirlwind the last few weeks have been!


MidMD50K – Emily, Melissa and I ran the Mid-Maryland 50k ultra in mid-February and life got away from me!  I never wrote an update or recap of the experience!  Let me just say, we surpassed certainly my expectations, if not the expectations each of us had separately.  Last year I ended up with a drop after the second loop at the same race, and this year not only did all three of us finish, we finished well under our goal and feeling extremely strong!


At the end of February, we were able to secure not only 100% of our fundraising goal from donations, we were able to DOUBLE it with a matching donation from the non-profit, Miracle 11, Inc.  The M11 was formed by those involved (including myself) in the mid-air plane collision while skydiving in 2013.  We formed a non-profit as a result of the interest in the GoPro footage secured from mine and several others’ helmets during the crash and the members of the non-profit agreed to donate funds toward our cause for Girls on the Run!  Even though we have 100% of our goal met, we are hoping to reach 50 donors, one person or organization to dedicate each mile to during our race.  We will be printing everyone’s names on the backs of our race jerseys, so if you’re interested in donating, please do so by April 20th to be included!  We currently have about 25 donors, but we’re confident we have 25 more friends or family members who would support us!  Click here to donate today to help us reach our goal!


At the beginning of March, Melissa and I used the Seneca Creek trail marathon as a supported training run.  Neither one of us had a particularly pleasant experience throughout the run.  That being said, there is something empowering about finishing the ugliest of runs knowing we didn’t give up and we still made the goal.  I personally think I learn more from the runs that do not go well and do not go as planned, as compared to those that go smoothly.  Click here for a post-race live video we did on our Facebook page!  It’s candid goodness 😉


March also brought the onset of heavy miles and my body couldn’t keep up.  I took a two week hiatus from running altogether and then got super sick with a massive case of Strep Throat.  I ended up with a measly 57 miles for the month, as opposed to my wonderful Teamie’s 176 miles for March (ahem, Melissa the Machine).  I’m happy to say I think I staved off the injury by stopping when I did… It didn’t boost my confidence, as I’m a month away from the big day and have no idea where my stamina for those uuber long miles stands, but my mental game is strong and most of the time, especially given the basal fitness level I know I have in me, that’s the hardest part.


Welcome to April and all its chaos! I knew April would be the hardest month for me personally, as it is absolutely a JAM-PACKED schedule.  The highlight should be our last race before the BIG race: Ragnar Trail Richmond as an ultra team.  This is an opportunity to crush 33 miles before tapering for the Dirty German.  Until then, it’s a mad race to do everything possible for any last minute miles and preparation.  With something planned every single weekend leading up to the Ragnar Ultra, I’m going to stick to the plan of making sure my nutrition and hydration are absolutely and critically on point, my strength training and self-care routine is solid and that the miles are strategic.


For these last 35 days, we as a team just ask for your support in whatever ways that means to you.  Virtual support through social media platforms (3WomenRunning4Good on IG and FB), support through donations of any size on our Girls on the Run/Sole Mates page, and of course for those of you who are local-ish, support by tagging along with us on our last few runs before the 50-miler on May 13 (or virtually by joining our Charity Miles team!)

As always, thanks for reading – leave your comments, support or questions below, and follow our Instagram for the most up-to-date updates! @thefermentedsole and @3WomenRunning4Good

4 thoughts on “Let the countdown begin!

    1. Hey! Yea, that was a little mix up I found myself in a few years back… turned out alright and we were able to do some good with the videos by forming a non-profit and donating all of the proceeds! I still haven’t seen that clip on the weather channel, though 🙂 thanks for reading!


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