Tips to Set Goals and Reach Them!

I am totally a goal-setter and go-getter… It’s one of the reasons I started running races and trying different fitness events over the years.  For one, I find myself much more motivated to take care of myself when I’m working toward a fitness-related goal (especially if it’s something like a marathon, where I’ve paid a registration fee… I can’t let that money go to waste!) But also, it helps take the pressure off of weight.

See, a few years ago I realized women like to constantly make these weight-related goals or they’re always so focused on losing the last few pounds… but that never seemed sustainable to me.  You simply cannot constantly continue to lose weight.  So performance related goals became much more my speed.  I’ll be the first person to tell you I could give a crap what I weigh.  I’ll share it honestly, I stopped lying about it on my driver’s license when I was in my early twenties, that stupid three digit number basically means shit to me.  It’s not going to be etched on my tombstone, it will not be published in my obituary, and therefore, it’s not going to dictate the way I live my life either.  I still own a scale and weigh myself every once in a while – but as best put by a dear friend of mine and fellow coach, it’s purely data.

Anyway, a little off topic there!  Back to goals… I’m leading a 4-week health challenge and this first week, I am helping these wonderful women set successful goals that they want to accomplish throughout this challenge.  Not just any goals, but smart goals with action plans to accomplish them.  Here are a few tips to get started:

1 – Set goals that motivate you. Why do you want to accomplish this? Why is this important to you? What is the value in achieving this goal?

2 – Be SMART. Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Relevant. Time Bound. The last one should be easy… I want you to focus on these four weeks alone.

3 – Put it in writing. This makes your goal real and tangible. There’s permanence to putting pen to paper and there’s power behind that. Use statements such as “I will” versus “I would like to…” It gives you more passion in your goal, and more motivation to achieve this statement!

4 – Make and action plan. How are you going to accomplish you goal? What steps are you going to take to hold yourself accountable, and stay on track? Are there milestones along the way that can be “mini-goals” to measure your success?

5 – Stick with it! Goals never end. They might evolve and progress, but much like our own health and fitness journey, there isn’t a destination. Think of this as a stepping stone toward future goals that you will make, but let’s not lose focus on the current goal. That’s the one we are working on right now.goal-quote.jpg


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