I think a change…

Wasn’t it Sheryl Crow that said: “I think a change would do you good?” Well, after two years of fostering TheFermentedSole, the last few weeks have really been bugging me to revamp and change… I started thinking about my passions and what I love about different social media platforms.  I love Instagram, I think it’s just the perfect type of visual for me and there’s no drama!

I decided to swap out TheFermentedSole for something more down to Earth, something that really hits my passion in the feels and I’m relaunching as RunningYogiMom.  I’ve been running for 9 years now, with 18(ish) marathons under my belt, and a handful of ultras to boot, and I’ve been practicing yoga for about five years (three years consistently).  This last weekend I finished the classroom portion of my Yoga Teacher Training and I’m on the homestretch to becoming a 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher… all this said and done, I think RunningYogiMom is a much better fit and a much more “passionately-aligned” handle for where I want to go, who I want to inspire and all of the adventures in between.

So stay tuned for more fun, and as usual – follow me on IG for the daily health and fitness scoop!

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