Make it Count Mondays

Hey all!  Just a quick update to give you a preview of some fun things happening in October.  I’m working on finishing up my Ragnar Relay DC race recap, and my last long run for Marine Corps Marathon training was yesterday… I’m going to be enjoying an easy breezy taper for the next couple weeks and hopefully that opens up my schedule a bit to knock out some blogs I’ve been wanting to update for a long time!


But first, I’m super excited to announce a rad partnership with a friend of mine, Jeanice Dolan – owner of Skydive OC in Ocean City, Maryland.  I met Jeanice about a year ago when our sons started indoor skydiving together at iFly Baltimore.  Over the last year we’ve had the pleasure of traveling together, flying together and skydiving together and she’s been exposed to my insane love of health and wellness (if anything, just by proxy!).  Jeanice came to me recently and wanted to do a series for the Skydive OC website about health and fitness as it relates to skydiving and it really wasn’t a surprise why she thought of me for this series.  I mean, my addiction passion for health and wellness is almost as palpable as my addiction passion for the skies.

Jeanice’s son, Chase (far left) and my son, Landon with his coach and teammates during their iFly Indoor Skydiving Competition in VA Beach!

So every Monday in October, we will feature an article, authored by yours truly, on the Skydive OC website about what you can do within the physical and emotional realm of health and wellness to really make your life count.  After all, life is meant to be lived, not just survived, right?

Also, I have the opportunity to do my first podcast interview! USA Endurance is an online resource for runners, triathletes and endurance athletes and they host a podcast called Freedom to Run : They share actionable strategies to take running to the next level and bring the best advice and tips to help you reach your full potential as a runner and endurance athlete.  Jeremy reached out through my Instagram and I’m so honored and thrilled to participate in an interview with him for their project.  (Updates on an airdate in the future, but the initial recording is scheduled for tomorrow!)

So that’s about it for now! As usual – keep an eye on my Instagram for the most up to date and all the training goodies that come with back to back marathons, yoga training, and a busy mom-wife-life balance!  Thanks for reading and stay tuned…

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