When Life Gives You Lemons…

The last 32 hours have been a blur. We traveled to Minnesota to visit my family for the holidays and my hubby had an accident yesterday resulting in a broken pelvis bone and hip. We were about a mile into the middle of the woods on a snow-covered trail and thankfully my son had brought his sled with.  Though it wasn’t optimal to haul him out on a yellow plastic toboggan, it sure proved to be the best case scenario.

He’s just now getting out of surgery, but you can imagine the whirlwind of ER, ct scans, ultrasounds, X-rays, blood work, etc that have occurred- not to mention a hospital transfer to a better trauma/ortho unit and his constant level of intense pain. I was able to stay by his side for the night but neither one of us had much rest. 

I have to give a shout out to my family for holding it down with my monster- and a shout out to my monster, who kept his cool and not only helped us get Chad out of the woods but also kept his little cousin cool and calm in the process as well. As much of a struggle as it is to be with Chad, it’s just as hard to juggle making this Christmas vacation amazing for Landon… we planned a fun night at Bentleyville after we’re able to see Chad out of surgery. I’m sure looking forward to the quality time with Landon (and @julie_slowiak ) just as much as I am excited to see my new, bionic husband. For the record: the surgeon said it was a textbook operation… what a relief to hear. 

Although it’s not the holiday I expected to have, life has a way of teaching you how to slow down and take in the moments that really count.  As much as I was looking forward to ringing in the New Year with a brand new full-time job, a killer half marathon training plan for Chad and I to train for and crush the Philly LOVE Run together at the end of March, and really make some headway on some little annoying bills that are out there, I guess I’ll be looking forward to other milestones instead.  And hopefully paying off a not-so-expected adventure in the Northland (complete with an ambulance ride, two different ERs, a trauma unit, surgery, and all the fun pain meds…). 

The first milestone we hope to accomplish is getting through surgical recovery and beginning the first of many physical therapy sessions. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get him out of the hospital and as comfortable as possible at my folks’ home by the weekend.  Then, it’s judging how the trip back to Maryland will take place, as our intended flight is Monday (yes, Christmas Day).  Although I am sure I’ll make the flight, there are quite a few “what if’s” and unknowns as to whether Chad can fly this soon (I’m going to go with probably not), and what to do with Landon in the meantime… Once we’re in Maryland, whether that’s all of us or parts of us at a time, our support system potential decreases and things get pretty complicated.  I’m just going to stick to the faith that everything will be figured out by the time it needs to be, and that confidence in the universe should give me the strength and capacity to actually make it work and figure out what needs to be figured out.

In the meantime (I feel like I’m using that phrase a lot!), I’m going to make an effort to be a supportive wife and make the most of my son’s Christmas break with our family here – since it’s so infrequent that we make it back.  I have a lot to be thankful for and have learned a few lessons in resilience over the last few years.


I hope everyone has an amazing holiday, and remember: You either get bitter, or you get better… it’s that simple. And when life gives you lemons, squeeze the day.

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