Grand Circle Trailfest

So, you guys… My friends and I have literally been talking about this for about a year, and we’re 5 months away from the bucket-list experience I’ve been dying over.  I had written off my ability to participate in the Grand Circle Trailfest back in November when all my closest BRF’s (*best running friends*) started planning to register ASAP in January.  Timing wasn’t right, life was getting in the way, and it just didn’t seem like a smart move to spend money on.  HOWEVER… my hubby had other plans and gifted me the registration for my birthday/Mother’s Day/Christmas present (and let’s be honest, probably Anniversary and Valentine’s Day, too!). I know, best husband ever!


In case you’re unaware, but feeling my contagious energy about this EPIC event – the GCTF is an excursion out west this fall to hike/run through three of the most amazing bucket-list National Parks in the country: Bryce Canyon, Zion, and the Grand Canyon.  Their website states “Trailfest is a social celebration. A meeting of friends who share a love of trail running, a passion for the outdoors, and an appreciation for our shared experience.” Obviously, this was basically made for someone like me so you can imagine my FOMO kicking in when I realized it probably wasn’t going to happen, and then my “holy-shit-freakout-moment” when I realized it was actually going to happen!


Not only is it going to happen, it’s going to happen with some of the most rad, epic, women I know: Melissa – like my first friend when I moved here, constant support in and out of running, ultra-mother-runner, and basically a humble force of awesome.  We have conquered so much in our short almost-3-year friendship and this will only contribute to our amazing collection of memories.


April – my fellow Instagram junkie, running wine-oh mom who I can talk and laugh with about fears, dreams, #shamelessselfies, anxieties and ALWAYS up for adventures, especially if it includes epic photo-ops.  She’s an ultra-mother-runner with a flair for triathlons and regularly contributes as a Wingman for Athletes Serving Athletes.  Yea, her heart is definitely bigger than her IG following.


Mary Ellen, or ME for short – a rare friendship that formed out of my first Ragnar experience.  I’ve learned constant life advice from this incredible woman who seems to just get stronger and more amazing with time.  She’s a Veteran’s Law Judge in DC with one of the most incredible sense of humor.  I had no idea that my time in a van with her would turn in to such an amazing encounter with adventures over the years, but I’m so grateful for exactly that and more! She’s the definition of resilience and grace combined.


Jamie – another mother-ultra-runner with a contagious laugh and a heart of gold.  Jamie actually let us convince her to run an ultra before she ever conquered a marathon!  She’s an exemplary woman dedicated to her family, her friends, her community and she still manages to hold down a career! (She won Rookie of the Year with her realty firm, but she’s far from a rookie… she’s a fierce force)


Mandi – I basically have FOMO every time I talk to Mandi about her adventures.  Hitting fresh pow on her snowboard with her fam, crushing her first marathon last fall, and always exploring new destinations to camp and hike in, she’s the epic-adventure-extraordinaire! And, if I remember correctly, she registered first and then told her hubby… Oh yea, btw hahha!


Anywhoo, where does this leave us? It leaves us less than 5 months away from the most epic experience of this year and one of the greatest experiences of my life.  So here’s where my little “SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION” comes in.  Last year, you guys contributed to my Chilean Sustainability experience by purchasing my hand-made goods.  This year, instead of taking in that profit from continuing to sell these items, I’ve decided that it should go to offset the cost of the amazing opportunity we have as a team. So whether you’re looking at my Etsy, or purchasing directly through my Google Form, just know that you are helping some amazing moms experience one of the most incredible opportunity of our lives together.

Of course, the favorite item right now is the Sweaty Seat Cover… Your summer workout/runner must-have: my hand-made, slip-on seat cover protects your car after your summer run, workout, or a day at the beach! It’s literally a must-have.  I have used it on roadtrips as a pillow and/or blanket, a camping staple, if you run Ragnars – I mean, this is just a MUST (trust me)… and if you don’t believe me, as any of our MRTT’ers who swear by them!

– Machine washable
– Fits all standard vehicles
– Stays in place!

Also, the reflective slim buff for your early morning or late night runs.  A friend and wearer of my double-lined fleece gaiters asked for a lightweight spring/fall version and thus: the slim was born!! No matter what the elements, this comfortable, ultra soft, lightweight buff is the answer.

I run a lot during the WEEEE hours of the morning, usually racing the sunrise… as a runner, reflective gear in the dark is a MUST. Add to your visibility with this awesome reflective slim buff-gaiter and always strive to be safe by being seen when you run.

They’re multi-functional, and moisture wicking…and let’s face it, the patterns are addicting! Whether you’re wearing it as a face mask, neck gaiter, or hat, the slim does everything you need for your outdoor adventures.

So thank you for reading, thank you for your support not only for me but for our MRTT Team of Moms heading out for an excursion of a lifetime… What are your bucket list runs?? Ohhh, and speaking of – stay tuned for my Ragnar Relay Cape Cod recap coming soon.  Helllllooooooo bucket lister!

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