1 Month Later

My incredible daughter turned 1-month old on Friday, February 22nd. Clara Halliday has been the dreamiest baby ever. I’ve said it many times in the last month: She’s the baby that gets parents in trouble! She’s so easy, they end up having more! (nope, we’re done – two amazing children, we’re good!).

So a month into our newest adventure, I thought I’d share a few things about her, us, and this journey…

Clara was 6# 13oz and 19 inches long at birth on a Tuesday, 6# 6.5oz at discharge on that Thursday and back up to 6# 9oz at her first checkup that Saturday. By her “week” appt the following Thursday, she hit 7 pounds and then capped 8 1.6oz on January 15th! Her one-month appt this morning had her up to 8# 7.4oz and 20 inches long! Growing like a sweet weed, as my father in law put it. I’m excited to see her growth, it makes me so happy that my milk supply is going great for her. It’s one of my favorite things when I look down as she’s nursing and she happens to have a little involuntary smile. It’s so incredible.

Nursing is (mostly) a breeze. She has had a strong latch since birth and showed me right away that I wasn’t about to wake her up to feed, she was going to be an on-demand nurser from the get-go. I gave in pretty quickly. I remember stressing about it in the hospital thinking about getting the stink eye from a nurse, LC or physician if they saw she went more than 3 hours without eating. I would mark attempts on her little chart, but she would literally sleep through diaper changes so there was no hope. My best sign was that she was going through diapers so I knew she was getting what she needed. I relaxed a lot after leaving the hospital and settled in.

My production was in overdrive at first, getting an extra 40-50 ounces some days! It settled in around 20oz of extra, after feedings so I have a healthy supply in the freezer. I was even able to donate 265 ounces to friends who needed a little help! It warmed my heart to be able to give to other mamas and babies. I did have a clogged duct on the left side and then ended up with mastitis on the right the following week (last week). As much as I tried to nurse and pump through the pain, it dented my surplus quite a bit. I’m lucky if I get 4-8oz of extra a day following those setbacks. The important part is that I have enough to feed her, and so far that doesn’t seem to have been impacted. It’s actually kind of nice to not have the urgency to have to pump 3-4 times a day and not feel so engorged!

Clara goes to bed between 8-9 most nights, although the last few it’s been closer to 10. She wakes between 1am and 2am for a diaper change and quick nurse, maybe 15 minutes or so. She falls right back asleep until 5am-6am for another change and nurse and then usually is up around 8am for an hour or so of awake time. I call it her “morning exercises”.

Naps during the day are on demand, although I’d like to start getting a schedule set in the next month or so. I’m not even sure how to start a schedule for a babe, as it’s not something I ever did for Landon. I suppose there are pros and cons to either way and the most important part is that she gets her rest.

She just started taking a nuk, but really only as a pacifier when she’s falling asleep or we’re getting strapped into a car seat or baby carrier. She LOVES the baby carriers and walks in the stroller when the weather cooperates, but here in Maryland that’s been very hit or miss thus far. We’ll see what spring brings us.

Clara also just started cooing and talking more in the last couple of days. It’s not in response to anything yet, but her sweet sounds and finding her little voice are so magical. (I’m documenting me thinking this at this time because there very well could be a time down the road where I just wish she would be quiet haha!)

We’ve been blessed with such an incredible baby. She sleeps through everything, including two annoying dogs who bark at everything! Although, I’m going to make a sign for our doorbell that says “newborn inside. I dare you” to deter solicitors and prevent them from experiencing my wrath. She doesn’t complain too much about dirty diapers, and now that she’s spending a few more moments each day more awake and moving around, we’re excited to get to know her personality a little more every day!


Things I don’t want to forget: The weight of you sleeping on my chest. Your snuggles. Seeing Landon is a constant reminder that this goes away. You grow too fast! The way your dad looks at you. The way you stared at him when he was reading your “Clara Grows Up” book. Your sweet smiles when you nurse.

Things Clara loves: Loves being nursed, being warm, being read to. Music and singing to her. Walks in the stroller or the baby carrier.

Things Clara doesn’t love: Doesn’t love lotion after baths. Tomatoes in mommy’s diet. When her beanie hat covers her eyes.

So far, the majority of people say she looks most like Chad. I see it, especially after his mom brought his baby pictures over. Clara’s fitting size newborn clothes, though not for long! And she’s still in newborn diapers, again – not for long though! Big visits this month were my sister and her oldest son, Wyatt coming to Maryland. It was Wyatt’s first time on a plane and my sister barely put Clara down the entire time she was here (I can’t blame her).

Favorite products so far:
Hooray Heros book: Clara Grows Up, Daddy Edition. This was an ad on my Facebook so many times I finally clicked on it and gave it a shot. It’s a personalized children’s book that I ordered for Chad for Valentine’s Day. I got to choose her features to resemble her, as well as features on the dad character to resemble Chad. I also got to pick the different options and professions for when “Clara Grows Up.” The price was reasonable and I had a code for free shipping, and the book is better than I could have imagined. It was priceless seeing Chad open it and read it to her on the couch – she stared at him the entire time! Landon is a little disappointed they didn’t have this when he was little so hopefully, they come out with something neat and personalized that I can give him for his birthday!

Hooray Heroes book: When Clara Grows Up, Daddy Edition

Ergo baby carrier
Bobby pillow for nursing and holding
Gripe water (especially when trial/error for breastfeeding… getting better!)
Pack and play with bassinet and built-in changing area (lifesaver for our bedroom!)
Amazlinen stretchy car seat cover
Bob stroller (just walking so far!)
Seventh generation wipes – they’re so thick, I rarely have to use more than 1
Wildroots nipple cream
Senita nursing sports bra

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