Two Months Down…

Month two has brought so much goodness, for the most part. Clara was 10 pounds 1.6 ounces at her 2-month appointment and 21 inches long. She sleeps through the night once or twice a week at least, and her morning smiles are better than coffee. She officially grew out of newborn clothes and diapers and wears a size 0-3m in clothes, and a size 1 in diapers!

We had several big visits after my sister and nephew made it out in mid-February. Lindsay and Kellie drove up from Florida with their pups. It was a special moment to have Ty around. He’s a mutt that Lindsay, Chad and Micah had adopted when they lived together in Florida. Ty’s health hasn’t been great, but he was so sweet with her once he got used to a small human and realized she just likes to nap a lot like him.

Lindsay and Kellie are two of the most incredible photographers in the Orlando area. They shot our wedding for us when we got married in Minnesota and took a few pictures of our family during their stay in Maryland. It takes the awkward out of a photography session when it’s people you know and love taking pictures of the people you love most.

My brother and sister in law also made it out to visit with my nephew and niece! Since I broke the news of our pregnancy, Nora (who’s the baby of the family up until now) has been more than excited anticipating her arrival. She’s always been so shy with me, being the only one I haven’t been able to spend so much time with as she was born after we moved to Maryland… so when grandma Ginny told her auntie Amy was going to have a baby, she started warming up to me. The first visit home I had last summer after I announced, she asked me if the baby wanted to watch a movie and she wanted to share her granola bar with the baby (which meant I got to eat half of it 😂).

Something I will never forget is the look on her face when she finally got to see and hold Clara for the first time. A 3-year old typically doesn’t have much patience but she waited so long and practiced with her dollies until she was finally able to hold her and cuddle her. She was eager to help me fold and put away Clara’s clothes, pick out her outfits each morning, and help in any way she could. Morris has less interest, but he and Landon have such a special relationship and it was so great to spend time with him and realize how big he’s really getting!

I’m not sure who was more excited though, Nora or my brother or sister in law. Everyone who loves babies understands the special feeling of having a newborn curled up all cuddly on your chest. It almost instantly calms and relaxes me, so it’s a special moment when family gets that bond as well.

Unfortunately, for as many great and special moments as we had, we also had our first real scare as well. The Saturday after Dougie and Jenny left, Clara woke up in the middle of the night with the scariest cough and gasp for air that I have ever heard. I have NEVER leapt out of bed so quickly in my life as hearing that. I’m not usually one to run to the doctor for every little thing but there was something so terrifying about that, so we did fit in an emergency visit with her pediatrician who is luckily open on Saturdays. After I had calmed my panic down by going through a checklist in my head: no fever, responsive, still eating/nursing… the general thought from her doctor was a cough by not doing our best to quarantine well enough her from a little bug chad and I had. I relied too heavily on the thought that she would get antibodies from me nursing. Thankfully the treatment was pretty simple: Tylenol if there’s a fever (she never developed one thank god), keep her nasal passage clear (aka suck out the snot as needed), and run a humidifier. The cough never got worse, it just took a few days to get out of her system and was a good reminder to slow down and sanitize everything.

Clara’s 2 month birthday and my 35th birthday. Clearly the party was too much for her and Chad to handle, they both passed out after lunch!

The best part about this last month have been the smiles and snuggles. She spends a little more time awake each day, talks up a storm to us, and has the most infectious smiles and coos.

Nursing is still going great. I had quite a dip in supply after a clogged duct and then mastitis right after; but it seems to have leveled back up a little bit. I started supplements such as fenugreek and brewer’s yeast (PS as “unflavored as they say it is, it tastes NASTY!). She nursed on demand until she’s content and that seems to be working great for us. I pump about once a day and have been letting it run about 5-10 minutes past being empty to try and continue to stimulate more production.

This brings me to another point. At her one-month appointment, her pediatrician made a comment about her weight gain not quite being as high as he hoped and referenced my milk production. “Do you think your supply is good enough?” At that time, hell yes, my production was good enough- and then some! At this two-month appointment he said the same thing! She’s gaining weight, but it could be more… how is your supply? Now, I might be overthinking things, but she’s gaining weight, she has PLENTY of soiled diapers throughout the day (including several “blowouts” that she seems way too proud of), she’s feeding at will and to contentment, I allow her to stay on as long as she wants most of the time even if she’s not actively nursing. She’s sleeping SO WELL, better than Landon ever did, and I’m still able to pump additional supply most days. So, yea, I think my supply is fine. She’s over 10 pounds. She has gained 3.5 pounds in two months from her discharge weight. Am I reading too much into his comments by taking offense? I do really like him as her doctor, so this isn’t enough to make me want to find someone else; however, I don’t find any warrant in his questioning. It feels a little shaming. I do have a goal to exclusively breastfeed her for a year, and would never compromise my goal for her health, obviously- but I don’t see the point in his questioning my supply based on these facts. Breastfeeding moms need support. MOMS in general need support.

Along the lines of nursing, I’m so proud to have been able to donate some of my supply to other mamas. Two local friends have been able to benefit from my tatas, and I was even able to help a mom who was traveling to the area and was asking for donations for her little one the same age as Clara. A friend had shared a call out on Facebook that I was able to respond to. It warms my heart and makes me so happy when I get a message after donating breast milk that their baby took it well and was so content afterwards. It feels like I’m spreading a little more good in the world this way. I’ve donated 530 ounces to other moms and their babes.

Still getting used to the hands-free adapter, but loving these workouts with her!

Another first this month: I took her on a few stroller runs! I live in such a hilly community, so I just about DIED but I did it! We’re lucky enough to have nice smooth roads and pathways, and I don’t care about pace other than forward when we run, but she loved it! I can average about a 12-minute mile right now, but oh man the cardio and butt workout is incredible! I did a short two miler, and then a four miler with Chad as our “long run” for half marathon training. (Bonus? I shaved 40 seconds per mile off my run time for this week’s group run and felt SO much stronger on the uphill that last mile! BOOM!) after the four miler, she was so chatty and happy! I got this adorable video of chad holding her and she’s looking up at him, talking and cooing away, telling him all about how much fun she had! Her arms and legs were going crazy and she just had so much to say in her own little language. Hearing her voice is one of the sweetest things and some days it just brings tears to my eyes.

A few things I hope I never forget:

She still sleeps so hard on my chest, I love that weight and several times I just avert any plans I had for the day and let her mush into me. Her morning smiles. Those toothless, gummy smiles are the best. One of my favorite things is when she looks up at me while she’s nursing and gives me a big smile. It feels so satisfying. Also, the way she looks at Landon. Now that she’s making eye contact, focusing, and being more alert, I cannot put words to how I feel when I see them interact. She stares at him like he’s going to show her the world… and he very well might. He’s an incredible young man, and an even better big brother. I’m so proud of him! I love the way she curls up like a little frog when you pick her up from a nap. Her cute little butt arches out with her legs tucked up and her arms stiffen as she rubs her face. Ugh, so many favorite little things.

Favorite products: I forgot to add on our first month post- we’ve gotten a couple of custom blankets that are so special to us. The first being a crocheted blanket from our dear friend’s elderly mother who just passed this last week. It very well may have been one of the last projects she made, and we’re so grateful to have a little piece of her love in every stitch. The other was made by Kellie. Along with being an incredible photographer, she’s an UBER talented illustrator (find her on IG: kellistrator and she just opened an Etsy shop with her custom illustrations on fun things like pillows and such!). She designed this adorable skydiver and airplane print and had it made into a blanket for Clara. It’s so soft, and snuggly, and the perfect weight blanket… and it means so much to have something with our passions made by someone we love for her.

We also received a blanket crocheted by Wanda’s mother, who recently passed at the end of March. It’s a special piece woven with a bit of love in every stitch. Wanda and Nana have practically been family to us and I’m so grateful to have a piece of her legacy to hand down to Clara.

There are already so many incredible moments I can’t wait to share about month 3 coming up. Clara is 10-weeks old today and time is definitely going by too quickly. Slow down, baby. ❤

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