Resolution Rush 2020

New Years resolutions. What a great time to feel like a fresh start is jump starting your new goals and aspirations. I love them, and for the most part, I do a pretty good job not falling off the “resolution rush.” In the past, I’ve made resolutions around running, workouts, yoga, eating differently, growing my hair out, taking better care of myself mentally, and even travelling with my family. This year is not really any different, but I’m going to shoot for a new goal as well: taking the time to read actual books more often.

Reading with ADD & anxiety is a funny thing. The thought of sitting still and focusing on tiny little words on page after page causes my skin to twitch. It hasn’t always been this way, moreso in the last two or three years. That’s why I’ve come to the realization that it’s probably a good thing for me to pursue. Push your comfort zones, right?

An oldie and a goodie – I should probably re-read this gem!

I’m shooting for one book a month. I think this is realistic, yet also challenging for me. It will force me to commit and plan, and in order to do so, I’m going to challenge my family to sit and read throughout the month as well. I’m hoping this will help improve my focus, and reinvigorate my vocabulary and speaking ability. I feel a lot more staccato when I try to speak lately, and I just don’t feel like words really flow from my brain to my mouth as well as they perhaps have in the past.

I also would like to continue blogging more frequently for many of the same reasons. Keeping dialogue flowing is good “circulation” for my brain. I think I improved my blog in 2019 just naturally as a result of having Clara and wanting to document a few more things along the way. From getting back into running, to nursing wins and challenges, to Clara updates and more… It was nice throwing words down regardless of who may (or mostly likely may not) read them.

Delicious gluten-free meal: filling, simple, and so tasty!

As for my health and fitness goals: I’m going to work on reducing my gluten intake and focusing on anti-inflammatory foods. There seems to be a link between gut health and your mental health, at least that’s what my acupuncturist and physician have been saying, so what does it hurt to try? I’ve had a flare up in eczema-like symptoms and I know that it usually is a result of inflammation and stress reactions. I’m not going to follow any diet or regimen in particular; however, I’d just like to mostly make better choices and avoid gluten and inflammatory foods more often.


I also have a few fitness goals. Firstly, I’m currently training for the Asheville Marathon on March 22. It falls on my 36th birthday, and it will be (by my best count because I lost track so long ago) my 20th marathon! 20th marathon in 2020… wow! I haven’t decided on a time goal yet, besides obviously survive without injury and enjoy myself. This is usually my primary goal anyway. But I’d love to get my best time and beat Chicago. Not sure how feasible that is yet, though time will tell! Chicago was so flat and I felt so strong by the end – those last 5 miles were my strongest ever finishing a marathon! Hopefully I’ve done enough to maintain my fitness level (I think I have), and need to continue incorporating strength training to avoid injury.

Which brings me to my final resolution of 2020: improve my strength training regimen. 2019 was all about recovering from pregnancy and delivery. Getting back into the swing of things and back to the distances I have loved and missed during my pregnancy (even though I continued to be active). I ran a half 5 months after giving birth, and PR’d a full 9 months after giving birth… I think that’s pretty incredible! I know I can run stronger in 2020 and the biggest component is going to be that strength training piece of the puzzle I haven’t been able to fit in. I’m looking at starting the 8-week training program LIIFT4 on Beachbody on Demand but I’m open to recommendations!

Does lifting your baby count as strength training?? I’m going to say “yes!

So there’s the initial plan, anyway. 12 books (I’d love recommendations!). Continued and more frequent blogging (what do you want to read about?). Eat mostly gluten and inflammatory reduced. Survive and perhaps PR the Asheville Marathon. Improve strength training regimen.

First book up? I’m starting to read The Four Agreements and moving onto Tales from Out There by Frozen Ed.

What are your resolutions for 2020 and beyond??

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