Asheville Marathon Training: Month 1

I officially started my training for the 2020 Asheville Marathon on December 2. When I started training for Chicago, I had a good friend of mine, Bethany, help write my training plan. Several other friends have had her help and I thought it would be wise to get an objective perspective on training, especially coming back from having a baby. Plus, Bethany had run Chicago and knows me well enough that it was a really great fit.

Barley’s always a great pacer!

I loved the training plan so I modeled my Asheville training off the work I did and the plan we had for Chicago. I had kept pretty detailed notes about how I felt, what came up, and what I was running along the way so that really helped shape my goals for this round of training cycle. I also looked up a couple training plans for 4:30 finishing goals and melded them together with what I’ve used that has worked. My PR for a marathon is 4:39:02, set in Chicago 2019. My goal for Asheville – my 20th marathon that happens to land on my birthday! – is sub 4:30.

Goal Marathon Time: 4:30

Goal Marathon Pace: 10:18/mi

Long Run Goal Pace (10-20% slower than goal pace): 11:20-12:22/mi

Temp Run Goal Pace: 9:10/mi

Speed Goal Pace (5k race pace): 8:04/mi

Stealing miles on the golf course before the golfers get out there each morning!

Alright, so most of December was adjusting to getting back into a regular running routine and building the long run base back in the double digits. I did a weekly long run throughout November after recovering from Chicago, but I kept my goals pretty loose and let my tender hamstring have a break. A few hiccups this month included traveling from Asheville, North Carolina to Chico, California for a week for work. That 3-hour time difference really sucked the life out of me for a few days upon returning! It was really cool waking up at 4am in Chico feeling like I had slept it, and I took every opportunity of not having an infant wake me up (with a little help from my friends: Melatonin and red wine 😉 ). Additionally, I ended up sick with a head cold and massive congestion for a week. I altered my plans because I’m never one to panic, and just swapped my deload week for a build week. The downside to that was trying to fit in longer runs after indulging for the holidays during Christmas last week. I definitely bonked on my long run…

PROCompression Ambassador 3rd year in a row!

This was the first time I saw 8:xx as a pace for several miles in a row! I ended with an average 8:45 pace for one of my runs last week and it felt amazing! My hammie was super pissed afterward, but I’ve already scheduled acupuncture and I’m planning on a massage date with my hubby this month. My highest weekly mileage so far has been 24 miles and I’m set to hit 33/34 miles per week toward the end of January. This is probably a great time to throw in my excitement for being accepted as a PROCompression Ambassador for the 3rd year in a row! Follow me on Instagram (@RunningYogiMom) for details about new sock releases and discount codes available! I’ve been using PROs for 5 years for runs and recovery, and they were a pregnancy lifesaver!

So one month down, three to go… Phase 2 is to strength train and up my water intake, then phase three closer toward the race will be to clean up nutrition and tweak the pace.

Clara modeling our “new to us” Bob jogging stroller! We can’t wait to use it!

What are your go-to nutritional supplements for long runs?

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