End of month ADD ramblings

Last month we celebrated Clara’s first birthday. I can’t believe a year flew by so quickly! But before I can even blink, our son will be turning 13 in April and it never ceases to amaze me the great paradox we’re presented with as parents to both an infant and a tweenager.

Clara is hitting some pretty fun milestones. She started walking independently the weekend before her birthday. She’s picking up new words and sounds everyday. She’s learning where her nose is, what sound animals make, and all sorts of fun goodies! She’s also developing quite the personality. She’s strong, independent, loves to push boundaries, and is probably going to have quite the temper. Great, so she’s basically a mini-me.

We had a pretty unconventional year… which basically means it’s was a normal year for us. Chad and I have had a roller coaster of adventures over our 7.5 years of being together. From building a romance jumping from planes together, to buying three houses in three different states, to definitely never having more kids, to journeying through pregnancy and expanding our family. We just always find ways to shake things up and challenge each other.

I used to make New Years resolutions that were themed around having a boring year. “Last year was so crazy! I just hope we have a boring year!” and each time I declare that, life gets shaken up like a holiday snow globe. With a 1-year old and an almost 13-year old, I highly doubt 2020 will be a boring year. I hope we have new adventures and find ways to challenge ourselves independently and as a family this year.

Clara’s birthday was pretty uneventful. I made chocolate cupcakes with homemade peanut butter frosting and my mom came to visit from Minnesota. Our babysitter/nanny, Maggie stopped by for a treat and to give Clara a little gift. We spent the day playing and cuddling and she went to bed with a mild case of sugar crash.

With Landon being my first (and a single mom at the time), as well as the first grandchild and nephew, we easily went a little “overboard” each year for parties, birthdays, and holidays. Over the last few years, as gifts become more difficult to buy and they’re noticeably not being played with or used any more, we have started focusing more on experiences than material gifts. Memories make better gifts anyway, and they last way longer! The thing is, it’s hard to make that transition when we’ve trained our children to want to want, and to want to receive. With Clara, Chad and I have been deliberate and much more intentional about not emphasizing gifts. Granted, she’s only a year old so it’s going really well so far! We hope to keep this continuing as long as possible and will keep working on transitioning Landon over to the same line of thought as well. It’s not easy, but I think it will be worth it!

Overall, the last year has been a whirlwind… Probably much like this blogpost. Having a baby, moving your whole family out of state (again), getting a new (dream) job, and buying a house are all life changing events in and of themselves, let alone all within 10 months of each other. Clara is a blast and changing every day. Landon is more independent, holds himself with adults really well, and navigates life like a champ. I’ve committed to falling madly in love with my husband more each day this year to strengthen and grow our relationship. And who knows, we might even make a few skydives again soon! (I know my gear is just aching to be used)

I’m not quite sure what the intention of this blog was, but it just felt like the right time to get a few ADD thoughts down and out of my brain. Thanks for sticking with it, and hopefully you at least enjoyed the photographs.


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