Hi, my name is Amy and it’s been 12-weeks since my last run.

Okay, not completely 12-weeks, because I’ve done a few test runs here and there, but 12-weeks ago I declared that I was going to quit running and focus on rehabbing my leg. See, it’s been in pain since November of last year… clearly and overuse injury, and I just need to pay EVEN MORE attention to this than I thought.

The Tammy and Karen show, my MRI techs on Monday

I had an MRI on Monday. I certainly was excited to have answers until the answer was “yep, just inflammation. Don’t run, and continue PT.” What? What TF have I been doing for the last 12-weeks! Well, if my ortho isn’t going to get down and dirty serious about this, then I’m going to have to. He officially diagnosed High Hamstring Inflammation, or Proximal Hamstring Tendonopathy. Funny story, when I met him back in February I suggested this injury and he said “nahh, I don’t think so.”

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Literally my face.

I did a little research… that’s right – I’m using the internet to be my doctor, since my doctor doesn’t want to be my doctor, and I found a pretty well prescribed rehab plan for exactly this injury.

Running Memes | Cheese & Vegemite

Reconditioning – phase 1: 6-weeks

No direct hamstring exercises or stretches (rest). Strengthening of the glutes, hip muscles, and quad, 3-4 days a week. Crosstraining with a bike or swimming for cardio (aka as little hamstring activation as possible). Icing of the hamstring after exercises for 20-minutes. Focus on anti-inflammatory foods, supplements, extra water, and avoiding sitting for more than 15-20 minutes at a time (especially in a slouched position) without taking a standing, stretching, or walking break.

Ideally, this will show improvement over 6-weeks and I’ll be able to move to a “protective” phase for a few additional weeks, still not running, but lightly stretching the hamstring directly and beginning to engage the muscle in no-impact resistance moves to start strengthening it.

Stay tuned! With 2020 running plans basically 100% cancelled, this is really the best time ever to have a long term injury and rehab it without any pressure to return to running anytime soon! Although I do miss running dearly, and especially with all the added stress right now, I could really use the endorphins, it’s probably fine to focus on other forms of exercise for now.

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