Injury Update

Alrighty folks! I’ve been meaning to touch base and provide an update on my injury that’s been nagging me for MONTHS! Seriously, the entire year at and beyond at this point.

I had an MRI four weeks ago now and I went into it really optimistic and actually a little excited. Mostly, I was grateful to finally be coming to a point where I’d probably have some answers. Unfortunately, the follow up to discuss the MRI results was lackluster. It was pretty frustrating to have a nurse call and say yep, it’s what you thought it was, and just keep doing what you’ve been doing.

Oh, you mean the thing that isn’t making it better and I’m still in pain after 6-7 months? You know that poster that quotes the definition of insanity?

Yea, that one.

So I asked to speak with my ortho and advised them that I would need more information because that answer wasn’t good enough. See, back in February, when I first saw him, I said something along the lines of “I think it’s a high hamstring injury with some compensation inflammation going on around it.” and he said “nah, doesn’t sound like it…” Well, guess what it is – high hamstring tendinopathy so who should have to pay that bill?

Here’s the fun part, it comes with a side of piriformis syndrome – yaaaaaay.

So we agreed to do an ultrasound guided cortisone injection to really “bathe” the inflammation in anti-inflammatory. We were aiming to get it right next to the bursa to at least provide some pain relief. Now, I’m aware that cortisone isn’t a wonder drug, and is controversial in runners especially since we’re not good at taking care of our bodies and properly healing from injury, so I vowed to be a good patient and continue my strength training and PT regimen.

Here’s the other news. HHT takes FOREVER (say that it Squint’s voice: FOOORRREEEEVVER from the sandlot) to heal. And it feels like it’s already been FOREVER since I’ve ran pain-free.

Quotes From The Sandlot Squints GIF | Gfycat

So as I’m writing this, if it sounds familiar, that’s because I basically just wrote a second blog about the exact same thing without even realizing it. I did an update right after my MRI a few weeks ago, and – MOM BRAIN – forgot. So, jump to where I’m at today… I ran. Super slow. minimal twingy pain on the uphills, a little achy now 4 hours later. But I know there are other runners out there who will understand this: I needed it. For my mental health, I needed my sweat to come from a run today.

I guess time will tell on how smart of an idea that was (as I’m currently sitting on a bag of ice – DOH!). Technically, I have two more weeks of reconditioning before I can start focusing on strengthening the hamstring muscle and stretching it. Apparently this is when icing is more critical and I should expect a bit more discomfort. Good to know!

Back in February I had started the 80-Day Obsession Beachbody on Demand program – mostly just the workouts, but loosely following the nutrition when I wanted to. Well, I finished day 70 today – what, 162 days later, I still have 10 workouts to go. I’m also (finally) doing more yoga, and meditating everyday! I have one more blog planned for this week regarding some fitness goals I’m making for August to keep my motivation up. IDK about you, but coronacoaster has me beat some days and my motivation is zapped!

I’d love to hear your injured runner words of wisdom and motivation… What keeps you moving when the needle is pushing E?

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