August Goals

At the end of July, I hit up my two closest friends about my fitness goals. I needed something to keep me going. I am rehabilitating my damaged hamstring so I can’t run, and there aren’t any races to train for anyway. I also had started a Beachbody on Demand program back in February, 80 Day Obsession, but was having trouble staying committed and connected. In fact, I think in my last rehab update on my hammie, I was about 162 days into my 80DO. As it stands, I’m on day 78… soooooo close!

Well, both of them had transformed their fitness goals in the wake of COVID, and they were using Apple Watches to do so: closing the rings. I bit… I haven’t splurged in a while, found a great sale and used my Target Red Card to get the extra 5% off the sale price. All in all, I spent $172.00 for a series 3 – not bad! I convinced myself I have saved a ton of money by not signing up for races or traveling (or buying beer since I work at a brewery), so it has already practically paid for itself!

The three health rings on your Apple Watch are:

1.) calories for movement

2.) minutes of exercise

3.) standing and moving at least one minute per hour you’re awake

I set mine to the defaults after setting up my profile… I don’t know if Apple takes my exercise history from other apps or information I’ve entered, but I targeted 560 calories a day, 30-minutes of exercise per day, and 12-hours of stand credit each day. I told Melissa and Stef about my goals, theirs are similar anyway. We shared my stats with them in the app so I get notifications and can reply when we finish workouts or achieve things on the watch.

I’m not a huge fan of having all of the notifications on my wrist all of the time, but I have noticed additional motivation when I haven’t wanted to workout. And that added accountability goes a long way!

80DO is going well, and while I was frustrated for a while that I “couldn’t” stick to the workout schedule of one hour a day six days a week, I found a really nice balance in doing the workouts consecutively on my own “workout days.” I’ve been doing really great with meal prepping and sticking to those foods most days, always with the exception of dinner. I never meal prep dinner with my family, because I love sitting down with them and having that meal to ourselves. It’s my way to balance, and I feel like I am healthy enough that it hasn’t negatively impacted my health goals.

So far, the “close the rings” goal for August has been great. There have been a few close calls, and definitely a few funny frustrations (when I forget to put my watch on when I wake up and I miss 2-3 hours of “credit” toward my stand goal!). It’s also funny, the other day I go the vibration notification at 2:50 that I still hadn’t reached that hour’s stand goal and apparently someone else nearby got the same thing because she stood up and started jogging in place and I was pacing in circles haha!

Now that we’re nearing the end of August, I might try to “up” some of the goals for September. I am also waiting to hear back from Brooks Run Happy Team to see if I made it into the Twin Cities 5k in October… I have just started running again, super slowly, and only once or twice a week to test my hamstring, but I thought it would be fun to train for a 5k! Isn’t that funny? An ultra marathoner training for a 5k. So, hang tight for those updates!

What’s keeping you motivated during this 6th month of quarantine????

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