November Reads

Month Count: 2 texts, 3 audiobooks, 5 total
Year to Date: 49 texts, 31 audiobooks, 80 total

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Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo is a young adult novel that follows two young women – sisters, actually – who find out each other exists through the heartbreak of losing their father… That they didn’t know they shared! Crazy!

I listened to this on Libby and it was really good. Camino lives in the Dominican Republic, being raised by her aunt after her mother tragically passed away when she was very young. Her father comes to visit every summer from the US where he works and provides for her and her aunt.

Yahaira lives in NYC with her mother and father, the latter whom travels to the Dominican Republic every summer to spent time with his relatives. Do you see where this is connecting?? Well, it’s not a spoiler, and the book is definitely worth the listen. It’s a beautiful roller coaster and well written. I could barely shut it off.

The Collective by Alison Gaylin was by November Book of the Month and HOLY SHIT was it a wild ride! It’s been a minute since I literally could barley put a book down… Like started it, stayed up way too late reading it, got up early and finished it.

Camille lost her daughter in a horrific tragedy and cannot bring herself to forgive the young man (read: privileged white boy, aka Brock Turner) who she believes is wholly responsible. In the five years since her daughter’s death, Camille has continually spiralled further and further until it comes to a head with her disrupting an award ceremony for this man and his family, complete with a video that goes viral of her mental breakdown.

Afterward, she is sought out by a secret society of women with similar tragic stories of losing their sons and daughters without anyone being held justly accountable in their eyes. Camille finds herself addicted to this dark web “support group” who take their revenge and ideation too far.

Go. Get. This. Book.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid via Libby App was enthralling. Officially my favorite TJR to date. I’ve previously listened to Daisy Jones, and Malibu Rising; both of which were entertaining but didn’t really move me to the point of raving for her.

Seven Husbands is that rave! I loved the story, I loved the narration, I could barely stop listening to this. It kept my attention, I loved the connection to Malibu Rising, and I loved the old Hollywood feeling of scandal and historical fiction.

Harlem Shuffle by Colson Whitehead was an October or September BOTM pick that I never got around to picking up until now. I’m trying to clear off my physical TBR shelf before the new year and not end up with a massive book of shame pile before starting a new reading goal lol!

Unfortunately, I would have to say skip this one. It drug on. I got lost in tangents and unconnected prose. It just didn’t bring me the character development I was hoping for. I wanted to like it… really I did. But there wasn’t much substance to draw me in and keep me there.

It’s Harlem in the 1950-60’s following the son of a former well-known lower-level crook who is trying to stay on the straight and narrow for his family’s sake, but keeps finding his way to different levels of criminal involvement. The imagery created around Harlem and some NYC landmarks are lovely; however, they aren’t enough to rescue it for me.

The Most Fun We Ever Had by Claire Lombardo has been on my TBR list for a while. It came up available on Libby and I gave it a go, not realizing this thing is like over 20 hours long! It honestly flew by and this one might be a favorite of 2021.

It’s a family saga spanning 40 years or so of a dynamic roller coaster of a husband and wife and their four daughters. The narrative switches perspective seamlessly and also catches flashbacks at appropriate moments. By the end of the novel, you’ve woven together a beautiful and slightly messy quilt that wraps you up and has taken you along for the ride.

That’s it for this month… Another round of mostly-audiobooks and busy times. I think that has been my theme for the last few months in a row. Either way, it’s all a balance and that Libby app has really been a lovely addition to figure out this year!

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